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Zoee Arrington

Communications Student 




Date of Birth:

February 9th 2000

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A Bit About Me

Goal and detail oriented social media professional with experience in many industries. Using my degree from Radford University in Communications with a concentration in public relations, I plan to integrate my time management and communication skills to grow with a company and satisfy their needs. Also utilizing my minors in Entrepreneurship, Management, and Peace Studies as well as four years professional experience with social media, three years with website design, and over a year as a marketing manager/recruiter. With the right training, it would only take a short amount of time to master new skills.

Work Experience


September 2022 - Present 

Marketing Manager

Bedford Humane Society
April 2022 - September 2022 

Social Media Manager

Zstyles Boutique 
October 2020 - March 2023 

Owner & Sole Operator 

Arrington Paving 

April 2020 - August 2021

Social Media Manager &
Website Designer 

  • Design and manage current websites     

  • Maintain social media 

  • Recruite good candidates to fill open positions

  • Boost company culture and moral

  • Regulate search engine optimization 

  • Interior Design in the office

  • Some HR responsibilities


  • Design and manage current website      

  • Maximize views of adoptable animals 

  • Promote and grow our volunteer, foster, adopt, donate functions 

  • Organize profitable events for fundraising 

  • Regulate search engine optimization 


  • Design and manage current website      

  • Check inventory and develop product photos for the website and socials media accounts 

  • Organize model programs and photoshoots 

  • Promptly package and ship orders 

  • Oversee all activity within the Boutique


  • Designed a professional and operational website 

  • Consistently post on social media outlets relevant to this industry

  • Encouraged and relayed community service operations on slow days via social media

Ocean Breeze Townhomes

November 2020 - July 2021

Social Media Manager &
Website Designer 

  • Created an exceptional website with a unique design and beneficial additives 

  • Developed innovative ways to create engaging posts on social media

  • Responded in a professional manner to all email and website inquires

Work Experience - Contracted 


Unity Health
April 2023 - Present 

Website Design & Social Media Management 

Donna L'Char
May 2022 

Website Design

Arrington Motorsports
July 2022 

Marketing Manager

  • Develope a strong rating on google and strong search engine optimization (SEO) 

  • Consistent checks that all functions on the website are working properly

  • Everyday updates or as needed updates for your organization on your website & social media pages

  • Worked with trusted employee(s) to pass along information/content that needs to be added/used for social media

  • Monthly comb through of current social media and updates

  • Connection and utilization of key words to better optimize your online presence

  • Guaranteed 5+ posts a week on social media platforms beneficial to your business and intention to keep growing their social media following 

  • Monthly Newsletter 

  • Advertising and attendance of major events 

  • Create a website design that optimized her Art

  • Manage current website      

  • Regulate search engine optimization 


  • Press releases

  • Maximize event views on social media 

  • Create marketing tools and posts

  • Create yard signs for advertising, put in prominent locations

  • Attract the maxmium anount of attendees 

  • Coordinated advertising, marketing, food vendor, and event layout



Communications Degree
August 2018 - Present 

Radford Fishing Team
Social Media Manager

January 2021 - Present

Sisterhood Chairman 
January 2021 - Decemeber 2021

November 2020 - Decemeber 2020

I achieved graduation in May of 2022 from Radford University with a degree in communications and a concentration of Public Relations. I was also able to obtain minors in Entrepenurship, Management, & Peace studies.

This position presented itself during and because of my education at Radford university. I took this position as a light hearted volunteer opportunity to benefit both my social media skills and the Radford fishing team's social media precense and overall goal to improve awareness from the student body of their team. 

This position presented itself during and because of my education at Radford university. It consisted of creating, managing, and executing all sisterhood events for a chapter of 47 women with a strict budget. The goal of these events was to create an exceptional enviroment for bonding. During this time I was able to organize things such as; a day long retreat, self defense class, photoshoots and even a trampoline park outing to name a few. 

I had the opportunity to internship with Iwin Marketing based out of California. This was a remote position and I primarily did website design for clients.

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