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One Stop Shop Freelancing 

One Stop Shop is the name I use for my freelance website and social media management services. Some of my clients like Unity Health Medical Spa, Cozy Mountain Homes, and NXT LVL Dance Experience are included as an example in my contracted work. Aspiring to eventually add recruting options, event marketing, and more in depth SEO building. By clicking the button to the right, you will gain the best understanding of what my One Stop Shop currently has to offer. 


Unity Health 

Unity Health stands out as it was my first offical freelance client of One Stop Shop. I document this journey because I wanted to track the differences made after starting our contract. Please view the buttons to the left to see progress made. 

Unity Health Website Before:



*Video example coming soon*

One of the many hats I wear at Docusystems includes seeking qualified candidates to fill important positions within our organization. I am the first point of contact for these interviewers and make decisions on if they are qualified to move forward in the interview process. I regulate and update a live file of active and qualfied candidates for management to review. My job is to gain an understanding of the individual while remaining professional, prompt, and kind. 



Throughout my young career I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects and in many different industries. Please note that all of my work is curated to satifsy specific needs or requests with direction from my creative input. I am excited to continue to grow these skills! The slide show below shows a variety of social media accounts or posts I have completed.

*** Apologies for my commentary in the videos of the live news broadcast. I added these for reference in the meantime as I wait for my previous employer to send the original version.

Below are my college age projects.
I want to leave them here as a measurement of my growth and appreication of where I began.


Dean's List

I was honored to recieve Dean's list my first semester senior year. This is an accomplishment worth noting because I considered this semester to be the most challenging 


Home for the Holidays Program

The franklin county humane society allowed me under a volunteer basis to soley operate, plan, and execute their first ever home for the holidays foster program. It was a great opportunity all around for the animals get a break from the shelter while also giving staff more time off to spend with their families over Christmas since there would not be as many animals to care for in the facility. During this I found passionate sponsors to help fund this program, Photographed and advertised this opportunity in ways it would reach our target audience, interviewed interested fosters, and prepared the animals for their vacation among other managing details.

I used my skills in Canva, social media, and passion to create and execute this program.


Arrington Motorsports

My father asked for his next Caffeine and Octane Event to be taken to the next level. I went into sport mode and created multiple marketing materials in order to maximize the attendance of this event. Including but not limited to; press release, social media marketing, yard sign design, coordination of vendors attending this event, and a food truck.


Website Design 

Using the downtime during the height of the Covid-19 pademic, on October 17th 2020 I launched an online boutique. This boutique was intended to be and will remain a side hustle for the foreseeable future. I am the sole owner and operator, meaning I am also the website designer and social media manager among many other hats. Throughout this process I learned and continue to learn many valuable skills. 

I used my skills in canva, social media, shopify, and research to launch this business.

zstyles web snip.jpg


Website Design 

Over the summer of 2021 I had an internship with a vacation rental company. During this paid internship I managed their social media, encouraged them to become dog friendly which in return increased their profits by 20%, and redesigned their entire website to the current photo dispalyed. 

I used my skills in canva, social media, wix, and research to obtain these results.




In my Business and Professional Communications class taken in Fall of 2021, I had the opportunity to create and present a 30 minute powerpoint presentation of our assigned textbook chapter. The chapter was titled "You're the Boss Now!" from the textbook "They don't teach corporate in college". If you click on the icon to the right, you will see my execution of this assignment.

I used my skills in research, powerpoint, and public speaking to complete this assignment.



Sisterhood Video 

I made this in fall of 2020 over a tight 2 day period upon realizing my sorority had not appointed this task to anyone, and I did not want us to face recruitment without a representation of our sisterhood. I organized photoshoots and canvased our memebers social medias as well as encouranged them to take some more content individually or in small groups to remain in correspondence with the Covid-19 guidelines at the time.


I used filmforth, lightroom, and social media to create these results. I have since and plan to continue improving my video editing skills.



In a public relations writng class I took in Fall of 2020, I was tasked with designing a newsletter. I decided to use this a potential opportunity to also gain more recognition for the Radford University fishing team since I am their social media manager. 

If you would like to see the full version of the newsletter, click on the photo and it will redirect you! I used my skills in wordpress, emailchimp, and research to complete this assignment and benefit from it in multiple ways.

During covid and currently the Radford Fishing team faced unforeseen issues and had to slow operations. This posed an issue for consistant content creation. I have always and will continue until graduation to do my best updating their socials when I have any opportunity to. If you would like to review some of my posts, Please click on the facebook or instagram icons. I took over those accounts in November of 2019.

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